Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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The NivComp Digital Altimeter Level Pro Set measures the height difference in levels, displayed digitally.

The Nivcomp works on the same principal as the ZipLevel by measuring the pressure difference between the hose reel and the handset.

The Nivcomp allow blind level and slope measurements without visual contact as it will level around corners!

The Nivcomp enables for quick and precise one-man levelling.

The NivComp Digital Altimeter Level is the 21st century electronic version of the traditional Water Level.

The Nivcomp is the economic and reliable alternative to the ZipLevel & CompuLevel.

Precision high-quality engineering from Dirotec in Germany.


The new NivComp Digital Altimeter Level micro SD XPro Set is now available.

Using the USB/Micro SD card reader the transfer of data is simpler and quicker. Level-point storage is almost endless.

Special model recommended for Architects, Surveyors, Structural Engineers and Archaeologists, etc, when up to 500 level-points need to be recorded on-site.






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