Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Site Equipment

A comprehensive assortment of Levelling Staffs to cover the most diverse of applications.
The Telescopic Levelling Staff is intended for use with Automatic Optical Levels and Rotary Lasers for grounworks, surveying and landscaping using the E-graduations on the front of the staffs and a millimetre scale on the reverse for height measurement.
The 'cut and fill' Laser Levelling Staff with the FlexiSlide is designed for use on building and construction sites with Rotary Lasers allowing height differences to be measured directly without any calculation!

Stable Tripods are necessary to make full use of all the capabilities offered by laser and optical levels.
The extensive range of tripods provide technical solutions for most applications.
Elevating tripods for interior tiling, kitchen and electrical installations to mount cross and multi line lasers.
Builders', contractors' and surveyors' tripods for exterior on-site use with rotary lasers.

Recommendations for Spot-On Specialist Laser Levels for specialist trades and professions:
Bricklayers, Builders, Construction Site, Contractors, Electricians, Flooring, Ground Works, Landscapers, Surveyors, Tilers, etc, etc.

The Spot-On Laser Level Accessories range provide extensive technical solutions for most applications for rotary and cross & multi line laser levels
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