Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Digital Levels

The Spot-On Digital Levels range include Digital Spirit Levels, Digital Inclinometers, Digital Protractors, Digital Angle Finders, Digital Single/Dual Axis Tilt Meters and the NivComp Digital Altimeter Levels.
Plus. the Laser Distance Meters and Laser Range Finders all have integrated digital angle displays.

Traditional measuring processes are made even simpler thanks to modern microelectronics incorporated in the Digital Levels.

As a result, Digital Level measurements can be made by one person working alone.

With electronic Digital Levels you can measure through 360 degrees to decimal point accuracy.

All our Digital Levels incorporate an on-site re-calibration function for factory setting.

The SmartTool STM-PLUS and STM-PRO models are the industry leaders for their accuracy, stability and high-resolution.
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