Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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The Fukuda Cross & Multi Line Lasers are available with numerous red or green laser line and point configurations to meet most professional applications.

They are the ideal measuring tools for indoor working.

Easy to use thanks to the magnetically damped automatic self-levelling pendulum and electronic sensor systems.

Clearly visible red and green laser lines and spots for easy alignment of bathroom tiles, drywalling, partitioning, kitchen cabinet and electrical installations, overhead lighting, framing and windows, etc.

Recommended for horizontal and vertical levelling, 90 layout, squaring, plumb positioning and alignment.

The cross & multi line lasers have a pulse feature can be used with a receiver (aka detector) for outdoor and distance use.

The line laser beam is only visible outside to the receiver and not to the human eye.

The Fukuda RedLiner & GreenLiner Lasers are top industrial quality with high visibility cross line, multi line, multi point, 3D and 4D 360 red and green laser beams for the professional fitters, fixers and installers in building and construction.

The Fukuda GreenLiner Green Multi Line Lasers are up to 12 times more visible than conventional red lasers, subject to ambient light conditions.

This allows applications on dark grounds, over longer distances or in very bright ambient light conditions.

Recommended for drywall, partitions, flooring and suspended ceiling installations.

All the Fukuda RedLiner & GreenLiner lasers are equipped with a high-frequency (10kHz) pulse mode which can be used with an optional Receiver (not included) to detect the pulsating laser lines up to 60m under most light conditions.






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