Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Spot-On Alignment Laser Sets
Alignment laser and positioning laser systems with ultra-bright line, cross or spot laser modules.

Laser modules available in either red, green or blue with a universal mount.

All laser modules incorporate an adjustable focus with a focus lock.

Each laser set includes a 110-240v AC/5v DC power supply unit, an in-line switch and an in-line dimmer control.

Dimmer Control
The dimmer control unit adjusts the laser brightness in 5-steps, which also reduces the line length and thickness, or the spot diameter.

This enables the laser beam to be best projected onto surfaces of different texture and colour, also reduce any possible reflection.

For full details of the In-Line 5-step Dimmer Control and its operation, please click here

Laser line, cross or spot projector sets can be mounted on machines for alignment and positioning of materials in manufacturing processes.

Ultra bright Class 3B lasers precision engineered for OEM industrial applications only.

Red Lasers
Recommended for general industrial alignment and positioning applications.

Green Lasers v Red Lasers
The human eye sees green much better than red, so a green laser appears 5 to 10 times brighter than a red laser.

For this reason we recommend green lasers are used for applications in very bright ambient light conditions.

Blue Line Laser
Projects an ultra-bright fine line suitable for short distance precision alignment.

The blue light offers higher reflectivity and increased contrast on dark materials.

A full range of accessories available includes:
■ Laser Gantry Set
■ Extension Cables
■ In-line Variable Dimmer Control Switch
■ Magnetic Base Attachment
■ Interchangeable Line, Cross & Spot Lenses

Spot-On Portable Alignment Laser Sets
Red or green laser models available with 3.7v Li-ion battery and charger, universal mount plus interchangeable line and cross lenses.






3D Laser Module Mount : Alignment Lasers
3D Laser Module Mount
Alignment Lasers
59.95 excl VAT
71.94 incl VAT
Extension Cable 1.5m & 3m : Alignment Lasers
Extension Cable 1.5m & 3m
Alignment Lasers
9.95 excl VAT
11.94 incl VAT
Spot-On Laser Gantry Set : Alignment Lasers
Spot-On Laser Gantry Set
Alignment Lasers
39.95 excl VAT
47.94 incl VAT
Spot-On Alignment Laser Range : Alignment Lasers
Spot-On Alignment Laser Range
Alignment Lasers
199.95 excl VAT
239.94 incl VAT
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