Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™

Digital Inclinometers
£109.95 excl VAT
£131.94 incl VAT
Delivery: FREE - UK Mainland
Buy Online:
Manufacturer: SmartTool

The new

SmartTool Pro

is the professional's HighResolution™ digital angle sensor module that can be used as pocket inclinometer, protractor or angle finder.

Made in the USA

The SmartTool Pro is the European version of the US SmartTool GEN3 model. This inclinometer incorporates many new practical features.

1. Special HighResolution™

model displays inclinations to 2-decimal places in degrees°, Slope in % and Pitch in mm/m, ins/ft or digital ins/ft.

2. Back Light

button to illuminate the LC display. Turns off after 1 minute to conserve battery life.

3. Protection

to IP65, to prevent water and dust penetration.

4. Hold

freezes the reading and can be used to convert degrees to slope or pitch, etc.

5. Calibration

feature to enable the user to re-set to factory settings to both the horizontal XY planes and vertical Z axis.

6. Directional Beep

the listen and level feature guides you to your angle so you don’t have to see the level. The beep rate increases as angle is approached and is steady when angle achieved. Changes tone when gone too far. Perfect for 'blind' levelling and inclination settings.

7. Alternate Zero

mode to set any angle as the 0° reference. The display shows "Alt" with a dot flashing above the decimal point.

8. Angle Copy

mode is activated by pressing the Hold/Copy button and then the Listen & Level button. The Copy angle will be frozen on the display. The beep will sound when the unit is returned to this exact angle.



SmartTool Pro

can be locked into an


to extend the reference base, or into a

Magnetic Bracket

for attaching to steel surfaces for hands-free alignment.


SmartTool Case

is now included in the price. This durable case protects the SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer Module and incorporates an internal pocket for the instruction manual and has a metal belt clip.

Patented Sensor Features

The SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer module incorporates the patented liquid capacitive disc sensor manufactured in their US factory's Class 1000 cleanroom.

This sensor has a unique microprocessor controlled "auto-calibration" feature also thermal compensation circuitry.

Please note that other MEMS accelerometer sensor based levels are susceptible to temperature changes that result in resolution errors!

Design Technology

For information on the SmartTool's technical design theory, please

click here


Competitive Accuracy

For information on the SmartTool's competitive accuracy, please

click here



To see how the SmartTool works, please

click here



To see how to recalibrate a SmartTool, please

click here


Please click on

Digital Protractors

to see our other digital angle measuring instruments.

Main Features: SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™

HighResolution™ digital sensor module
Angle displayed in degrees (°), slope (% ) or pitch (mm/m, ins/ft & ins/ft digital).
Very high stability readings throughout temperature range.
Acoustic signal at horizontal and vertical.
LC digital 4-figure numeric display with back light and battery state indicator.
Display can be read even when level is inverted for overhead measurements.
Alternate zero feature to set any angle at 0°.
Hold & copy mode to freeze reading.
On-site owner recalibration to factory setting.
Auto shut-off after 6 minutes.
High impact resistant ABS polymer case.
Sealed against dirt and water penetration.
Complete with battery, case and instructions.

Technical Specification: SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™

Measuring Range  4 x 90° (=360°)
Resolution/Display  0.05° at all angles
Angle accuracy  ±0.05° at 0°±10° & 90°±10°
  ±0.2° for angles in between ±10° & ±80°
Slope accuracy  ±0.1%
Pitch accuracy  1mm/m, 1/8in/ft & 0.01in/ft
Accoustic signal  0° and 90°
Operating temperature  -10°C to +50°C
Power supply  9v PP3 battery included
Duration  400 hours
Auto shut-off  6 minutes
Dimensions  170 x 54 x 36mm
Weight  0.4kg (includes battery & case)
MD Part No  92535

£109.95 plus VAT (if applicable)
Buy Online:
Manufacturer: SmartTool

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SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™ Digital Inclinometers
SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™ Digital Inclinometers
SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™ Digital Inclinometers
SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™ Digital Inclinometers
SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™ Digital Inclinometers
SmartTool Pro Digital Inclinometer 0.05° HighResolution™
from Laser Level's Online Shop

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